Nextorage NE5N SSD Review: One Thick SSD

Nextorage NE5N SSD Evaluation: One Thick SSD

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The Nextorage NE5N is one cool cucumber, a quick PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD with a particular voluminous heatsink that helps push new ranges of bandwidth. It’s sooner than any 4.0 SSD in the marketplace and stays remarkably cool whereas reaching these marks. The model identify will not be essentially the most recognizable, particularly as Nextorage has its origins in producing drives for the PlayStation 5, however there was an actual effort to develop its portfolio. The drive examined at this time is simply 1TB, distinct from our different PCIe 5.0 critiques with 2TB samples, permitting for a deeper evaluation of how a lot capability issues for newer flash used within the very quickest shopper SSDs.

For those who haven’t heard of Nextorage, it started life as Sony subsidiary Sony Storage Media Options Company (SMSS) whereas being a three way partnership with Phison. Phison designs the SSD controllers utilized in many drives, together with all early PCIe 5.0 SSDs. The corporate has since acquired shares from Sony and is now successfully producing its personal drives, together with the NE5N. The origins make sense, because the Nextorage NEM-PA was designed for the PS5. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the NE5N is made for high-end desktops, and the corporate already has a higher-tier model within the works.

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