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Intel Habana Gaudi Beats Nvidia’s H100 in Visible-Language AI Fashions: Hugging Face

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A brand new fine-tuning efficiency benchmark for BridgeTower, a Imaginative and prescient-Language (VL) AI mannequin, has proven that there is life to the AI acceleration camp aside from Nvidia’s inexperienced. Whereas Nvidia does dominate the AI acceleration market (by means of distinctive foresight, a well-thought-out and documented software program stack, and pure processing efficiency), different gamers are eager to take a chunk of the AI marketplace for themselves. And not less than for BridgeTower, Intel’s personal Gaudi 2 silicon (designed and fabricated by means of Intel’s $2 billion, 2019 acquisition of Habana) has been proven by Hugging Face to outperform Nvidia’s A100 80 GB by a staggering 2.5x – and it even beats Nvidia’s prodigy-child H100 by 1.4x.

Imaginative and prescient-Language

Imaginative and prescient-Language (VL) refers to AI fashions that may course of and affiliate info throughout the modalities of language and visible illustration. VL fashions in particular are generally related to picture technology fashions equivalent to Open AI’s CLIP and Secure Diffusion XL – a fast-growing market that is being largely led by Midjourney, Secure Diffusion, and now Ideogram. 

In response to Habana, the momentous speedups are the results of a hardware-accelerated data-loading system – one of many bottlenecks for AI mannequin fine-tuning, and especially-so for VL fashions. Loading a workload into reminiscence is commonly one a efficiency bottleneck wherever computing lies, so it isn’t that out of the left-field that Habana would look to optimize this specific step within the coaching course of. 

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