ToughArmor MB842MP-B

PCIe Card Provides M.2 SSDs You Can Swap With Your PC Closed

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Icy Dock has launched the ToughArmor MB842MP-B, a PCIe card with detachable bays for 2 M.2 SSDs. The MB842MP-B is an improve over the MB840M2P-B, which Icy Dock launched three years in the past.

Many motherboards include two and even three M.2 slots. The ToughArmor MB842MP-B comes into play when customers want extra M.2 slots than the motherboard can present. It is also a sound choice for homeowners of legacy motherboards so as to add one, or on this case, two M.2 slots to an older system. Apparently, as soon as the cardboard is put in, you may add or take away SSDs with out opening your PC’s case. 

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