Enthusiast Builds Fanless RTX A2000 Graphics Card

Fanatic Builds Fanless RTX A2000 Graphics Card

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Fanless graphics playing cards should not generally seen lately as most GPUs are inclined to get fairly scorching and require energetic coolers with two or three followers. Even comparatively energy-efficient mainstream. Nonetheless, an fanatic took issues into their very own arms and constructed a passively cooled graphics board with a recent GPU powered by Nvidia’s Ampere structure, however cooled by a 15-year outdated Arctic cooler. They shared the expertise at SFF.Community.

In a bid to construct his passively cooled graphics card, RevocCases took Nvidia’s professional-grade RTX A2000 graphics card based mostly on the GA106 GPU with 3,328 CUDA cores (at as much as 1.20 GHz) and a 192-bit reminiscence interface. The cardboard comes with 6GB of reminiscence and is rated for a 70W energy consumption, which means that it doesn’t want an auxiliary PCIe energy connector. 70W is in fact not a lot, so the board can certainly be cooled passively with a correct cooler.

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