Microsoft Mulling Steam Deck-Style Windows Gaming Handheld Mode

Microsoft Mulling Steam Deck-Model Home windows Gaming Handheld Mode

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It appears that evidently Microsoft is cooking up some critical plans to deal with the nascent handheld gaming PC market. Home windows-centric Twitter-based leaker WalkingCat shared a quick video which was apparently recorded throughout a Microsoft Hackathon in September 2022. An unnamed exec offered a voiceover to the informative video, however we be aware that Dorothy Feng (opens in new tab), a senior UX designer at Microsoft, and her group, led a 3 week “dash” which contributed to the Home windows 11 handheld gaming mode visuals used within the video.
It stays to be seen if this can ever change into a last product, so for now take the information with a pinch.

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Microsoft’s work seems to have been prompted by the undoubted success of Valve’s Steam Deck, the platform’s momentum, and the proliferation of comparable merchandise. It hasn’t escaped Microsoft that the Steam Deck and its Steam OS supply a slick controller-driven handheld gaming expertise on an x86 platform utilizing a customized Linux OS. Microsoft has offered drivers for individuals who want to put Home windows 11 on the Steam Deck, however on this hackathon video the narrator admits that Home windows on Steam deck is “fairly tough… and its not prepared for prime time.”

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