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Developer Builds Cluster with 9 Raspberry Pi Pico Boards

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Provided that the Raspberry Pi Pico and the RP2040 chip which powers it are supposed to be microcontrollers, it is superb how a lot computing energy builders have been capable of squeeze out of them. The RP2040 chip, which runs at 133 MHz and comes with 256K of SRAM has been used for all the things from a handheld recreation console (opens in new tab) to a internet server and plant monitoring system. And, after all, you possibly can play Doom on it.

Now, UK-based Developer Derek Woodroffe, who runs a web site and Twitter account known as Excessive Electronics (opens in new tab), has constructed a technique to mix 9 completely different Raspberry Pi Picos right into a distributed computing cluster. On Twitter, he posted a video of the cluster performing a Mandelbrot calculation and outputting it as a fractal picture to  a 240 x 320 show (an ili9341) utilizing an I2C connection.

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