ChatGPT on an ancient DOS PC

MS-DOS ChatGPT Consumer Arrives for 1984 IBM PC

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A hobbyist software program developer and retro computing fanatic has succeeded in bridging the ChatGPT and IBM PC-XT computing divide. Looking out for a problem, Yo Kheng Meng puzzled if he may write a ChatGPT consumer for MS-DOS. Particularly, he focused a 1984 classic IBM 5155 Moveable PC, which is powered by a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 CPU and has 640KB of RAM (sufficient for anybody, proper?). A number of technological obstacles wanted to be surmounted to make the mission a hit.

Sometimes, most individuals entry ChatGPT by way of an internet browser, nevertheless it appears to be a rising pattern to entry this AI useful resource by way of a consumer. We have now reported on some notable and enjoyable purchasers like a ChatGPT Smartwatch powered by a Raspberry Pi and Microsoft’s a lot maligned Clippy with an AI mind transplant. Nonetheless, getting ChatGPT to work on one of the crucial historic of PCs is likely to be much more bold.

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