Dodepan digital musical instrument

Dodepan: Lo-Fi Raspberry Pi Pico Music Maker

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Dodepan is a hexagon formed lo-fi musical instrument from TuriSc which is powered by our favourite microcontroller, the  Raspberry Pi Pico. Utilizing twelve inputs and one sensor, this unassuming instrument creates lo-fi beats to relax to and turns into a MIDI instrument.

The venture, Dodepan makes use of 12 capacitive contact pads, related to an MPR121 capacitive contact module, as inputs, and TuriSc states that “the bottom word it will probably produce is C2 (Midi quantity 36), the very best D8 (Midi quantity 110), so its chromatic vary is 75 notes.” The important thing may be modified utilizing a knob, together with one in every of 16 scales on one other knob. There may be as much as six concurrent voices (polyphonic) without delay and every of the inputs are assigned a word primarily based on the present scale and key.  What does that imply? Nicely in brief, it will probably make music from a variety of beeps and tones. 

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