Replacing the 1GB RAM chip on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an 8GB RAM chip.

YouTuber Upgrades Lowest Spec Raspberry Pi 4 to 8GB of RAM

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Discovering a Raspberry Pi 4 in inventory remains to be a problem, however issues are beginning to lookup. However what should you want a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, now? May you flip a 1GB mannequin into an 8GB? Effectively that’s what YouTuber MadEDoctor has finished with a substitute RAM chip and plenty of soldering.

Earlier than we get to the meat of the story, a phrase of warning. You may have most likely guessed already that it will invalidate your guarantee. Additionally, you will want the talents and the finest soldering stations to even try it. That is an excessive means to pay money for an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4, but we appear compelled to present it a strive.

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Raspberry Pi 4 RAM Chip Codes
Row 0 – Cell 0 Chip Code Alternate Chip Code Worth
1GB SEC928 Row 1 – Cell 2 Row 1 – Cell 3
2GB Micron D9WHZ SEC940 $23
4GB Micron D9WHV Row 3 – Cell 2 $41
8GB Micron D9ZCL Row 4 – Cell 2 $21

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