Darko Mesaros deploys Kubernetes using a TRS-80 Model 102 and a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Helps TRS-80 Mannequin 102 Deploy Kubernetes

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It’s nicely documented that Raspberry Pi has helped many elderly computer systems to do greater than they have been ever designed to do, and this venture from Darko Mesaros permits a 37 yr previous TRS-80 Mannequin 102 transportable pc to deploy Kubernetes.

Lets be clear, the TRS-80 Mannequin 102 (also called the Tandy 102) does not have the horsepower to deploy and run Kubernetes. However what it may possibly do is turn out to be a terminal over a distant connection. To do that, Mesaros wanted a bit assist to get on-line and used a WiModem32 related to the TRS-80’s RS232 serial port. This serial Wi-Fi modem is basically an ESP32 that makes use of previous model modem instructions to make connections to modern-day Wi-Fi gadgets. Utilizing the TRS-80’s built-in terminal utility (TELCO), Mesaros was in a position to set the baud fee to 300 after which situation an AT command to attach the gadget to their WI-FI AP.

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