G.Skill Zeta R5

G.Talent Preps DDR5-6400 Overclocked ECC RDIMM RAM

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You usually don’t discover The phrases “overclocked” and “ECC” in the identical sentence, however that hasn’t stopped G.Talent from cooking up what seems to be the primary overclocked DDR5 RDIMM (registered DIMM) reminiscence modules for workstations and servers. The brand new Zeta R5 reminiscence arrives simply in time for Xeon W Sapphire Rapids chips and able to compete with the greatest RAM in the marketplace.

Though G.Talent additionally sells normal reminiscence, fanatic and gaming reminiscence are the model‘s sturdy go well with. Nevertheless, it appears like G.Talent lastly feels assured sufficient to enterprise into the server reminiscence market. Overclocking celeb Roman “der8auer” Hartung (opens in new tab) has offered a small preview of G.Talent’s first server reminiscence package underneath the newly created Zeta R5 lineup.

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