DDR4 Still Needs Love, The Overclockable Lexar HADES DDR4-3600 Kit

DDR4 Nonetheless Wants Love, The Overclockable Lexar HADES DDR4-3600 Equipment

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Do You Dream Of CL 18?

Due to Intel nonetheless supporting DDR4 for those who don’t wish to fork over more money for DDR5, and former era AMD platforms nonetheless accessible there’s a marketplace for new DIMMs.  Lexar needs to meet these wants with their new HADES DDR4-3600 32GB package, with 18-22-22-32 timings and a flowery RGB’d heatspreader.

The XMP timings and frequency is straightforward to arrange and offers you strong efficiency, nonetheless it appears that evidently the official specs are only a suggestion.  Neoseeker may run at DDR4-4000 with out adjusting the timings in any respect, and solely needed to drop to CL 19 to run DDR4-4200 with no hitch.

The additional frequency will assist Intel customers, and AMD customers may be capable to tighten these timings down a bit whereas remaining on the candy spot of DDR4-3600.

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