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DIY Headphone Equipment Will Take a look at Your 3D Printing, Soldering Expertise

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Many Tom’s {Hardware} readers are conversant in constructing PCs, customizing or assembling mechanical keyboards and even with 3D printing the odd part. Canada’s Ploopy want to catch a journey on this adventurous tech DIY pattern, and for audiophiles to take pleasure in headphones based mostly on its open-source designs promising “studio monitor frequency response, out of the field.”

The amusingly named cans can be found now in various kinds from the Ploopy store. You will get a full package of elements for CAD $150, or you will get a completely assembled set of headphones for CAD $300. There’s even a headphone refresh package with new padding elements which might be helpful for upkeep. (All headphone merchandise offered are pre-order solely on the time of writing.)

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