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New Options Added to PrusaSlicer 2.6 Alpha Launch

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Prusa Analysis’s PrusaSlicer 2.6 is quick approaching an Alpha launch, and we’re being teased with new options through the official Prusa Twitter account.

PrusaSlicer is software program that takes 3D generated fashions and “slices” them into many layers for the finest 3D printers to print. Model 2.6 of PrusaSlicer introduces new options similar to natural helps, making use of textual content to fashions and a method to chop fashions. 

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The most important new characteristic we have noticed is the Reduce instrument. This instrument will minimize a mannequin alongside a aircraft, producing two (or extra) fashions. That is superb for these of us with one of the best 3D printers, however restricted mattress sizes. Previously we would wish to chop the mannequin utilizing a instrument similar to Meshmixer with the intention to match the mannequin into one print. Now we are able to do all of it in PrusaSlicer. However the advantages do not finish there; We will additionally add aligning pins and connectors to the minimize fashions. By doing this we are able to key the items to suit seamlessly collectively. No extra slipping items whereas the glue dries.

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