Only Some Custom Radeon RX 7900 GPUs Will Reportedly Be Available On December 13

No RDNA 3 Replace for Extra Energy Software, Says Developer

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When AMD first indicated that it locked the ability play tables (opens in new tab) on its newest Radeon RX 7000-series graphics processors a month in the past, it meant one fashionable overclocking technique was not supported on the time. Now, it appears to be like like AMD has utterly locked down manipulations of the ability play tables with its RDNA 3 GPUs. Which means the Extra Energy Software utility (opens in new tab) will be unable to help the brand new playing cards, and overclocking will likely be primarily restricted to AMD’s Adrenalin software program.

“[When it comes to power play tables], just about all the things is double and triple secured,” one of many Extra Energy Instruments builders wrote, stories CapFrameX. “[To make things work,] we must rewrite firmware and drivers, and we can’t do this. Not even underneath Linux. So, there will likely be no MPT for RDNA3. AMD actually screwed it up this time.”

AMD’s Radeon RX 7900-series graphics boards are among the many finest graphics playing cards cash can purchase right now, so it is no shock that lovers could need to push them to their limits. For now, they will not have the ability to take action with out instruments like MPT. It stays to be seen how considerably it should have an effect on their market recognition and AMD’s GPU market share, however actually such limitations will lower their adoption by lovers.

Utilizing software program like Extra Energy Software permits customers to extend voltages and optimize the voltage curve for higher overclocking, bypassing firmware limitations. This may end up in larger clocks and extra secure overclocking, assuming that there is adequate cooling. However with RDNA 3 AMD determined to vary the way in which GPU energy play tables could be altered, which renders packages like MPT ineffective. Apparently, there isn’t a method so as to add RDNA 3 help to Extra Energy Instruments except AMD adjustments its thoughts and permits builders to take action.

The truth is, even a ‘easy’ firmware replace (to change voltages and/or permit bypassing AMD-set limitations utilizing software program) doesn’t work with Radeon RX 7000-series GPUs, as firmware flashing is managed by AMD’s platform safety processor.

“By the way, firmware flashing can be managed by way of PSP, and we will now not simply hack AMD software program to allow you to flash it,” the developer mentioned. “Appears to solely work with an exterior programmer, so now you now pay to your energy limits and options, however can’t change or activate them afterwards.”

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