I Requested ChatGPT Tips on how to Construct a PC. It Stated to Smush the CPU.

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Can an AI allow you to learn to carry out vital tech duties resembling constructing a PC? With all of the hype round generative AI – utilizing synthetic intelligence to create new written or visible content material – I wished to seek out out. The outcomes have been eye-opening – and pin-bending.

With the launch of ChatGPT, a free chatbot that makes use of OpenAI’s spectacular GPT-3 language mannequin, anybody can request and, in seconds, get a computer-written article on nearly any matter. The primary limitation is that GPT-3 is barely educated on knowledge going again to 2021, so it gained’t be capable to write about present occasions. Oh, and it can be horribly and dangerously fallacious, introducing factual errors that aren’t apparent to somebody who isn’t aware of the subject at hand. 

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