How to Stream On Twitch

Learn how to Stream On Twitch

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Twitch is the second most-watched streaming platform, and it’s not only for players. Within the third quarter of 2022 Twitch averaged 5.71 billion watched hours. So it’s pure to surprise, “How do I stream to Twitch?”

The excellent news is that it’s not arduous to discover ways to stream on Twitch, and there are numerous instruments to simplify this course of. The most effective instruments is OBS, the Open Broadcaster System software program that allows you to stream to any website that makes use of RTMP (Actual-Time Messaging Protocol). Utilizing RTMP is the way you join your gameplay to Twitch, Fb, YouTube, and so on. Beauty instruments, similar to Streamlabs, Stream Parts, and Lightstream are all instruments that enable you make your stream look good and have the essential features of OBS.  

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