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Smuggler Hid Over 200 Alder Lake CPUs in Faux Silicone Stomach

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Whereas some smuggle medicine and different unique animals, a girl in China agreed to be a mule for processors. In line with a Mydrivers report (opens in new tab), Chinese language customs authorities detained a girl who tried to smuggle 202 Intel processors and 9 iPhones strapped inside her prosthetic stomach.

The occasion occurred on the Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, the place a supposed pregnant lady tried to return to mainland China from Macau. The perpetrator claimed she was 5 months pregnant; nonetheless, her stomach was big for the alleged gestation time, and he or she was strolling effortlessly, which brought on numerous suspicions. After cautious inspection, the customs brokers later found that she had used duct tape to repair and conceal smuggled items beneath the pretend silicone stomach. Both method, she would not have gotten away with it because it’s unlikely she may get previous the X-ray picture evaluation or a metallic detector.

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