PNY RTX 6000 Ada Lovelace GPU

Nvidia RTX 6000 48GB Ada Skilled GPU Listed at Recommended Retail of $9,999

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Nvidia’s new RTX 6000 Ada skilled GPU has began popping up in on-line listings, together with the worth. The cardboard is at the moment listed at CompSource and ShopBLT with a recommended retail worth of $9,999. Fortunately, each shops are providing a reduction off the “recommended retail worth,” dropping the worth of the cardboard to simply $8,209.65 and $7,377.71, respectively, on the time of this writing.

The RTX 6000 Ada is Nvidia’s newest skilled GPU, and is likely one of the first “prosumer” GPUs to undertake Nvidia’s most up-to-date Ada Lovelace GPU structure. In accordance with PNY’s spec sheet, the RTX 6000 Ada is a monster, with 76.3 billion transistors, 18,176 CUDA cores, 568 Tensor cores for AI-focused workloads, and 142 Gen-3 RT cores for ray tracing.

In comparison with the Nvidia RTX 4090, the RTX 6000 Ada has 1,792 (10.93%) extra CUDA cores. Surprisingly, Nvidia continues to be not utilizing a fully-unlocked AD102 die — which has 18,432 CUDA cores and two extra SMs — for the RTX 6000 Ada. Word that the RTX 6000 sticks with the identical 300W TBP (Whole Board Energy) restrict of the earlier technology card, as workstations are extra possible to make use of a number of playing cards and do not essentially desire a single 450W card.

Nvidia beforehand acknowledged that the RTX 6000 Ada might be considerably quicker than the earlier technology RTX A6000 (these names aren’t complicated in any respect), providing as much as two to 4 occasions the efficiency, due to large enhance in CUDA and RT cores.

The precise mannequin listed at CompSource and ShopBLT makes use of Nvidia’s reference mannequin design and is manufactured by PNY. This design has a blower-style cooler coated in a pure black shroud. The blower is designed for compact server chassis and workstations, the place the GPU must deal with all of its warmth extraction independently — the blower directs sizzling air outdoors of the chassis with out counting on assist from the chassis followers. 

The cardboard is measures 10.5 inches by 4.4 inches and includes a dual-slot type issue operating on a PCIe Gen 4 x16 interface. It is geared up with 48GB of ECC GDDR6 reminiscence working on a 384-bit broad bus.

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