China’s Loongson Shows Off Their New Homegrown 3A6000 Chip

China’s Loongson Reveals Off Their New Homegrown 3A6000 Chip

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The Evolution Of The MIPS-Suitable LoongArch Structure

In response to the tariffs and commerce restrictions which were levied in opposition to them, China selected to begin growing their very own silicon.  The LoongArch structure was designed and is being developed by Loongsoon, base on the MIPS RISC structure.  Their new Godson CPU is named the 3A6000 primarily based on SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark simulation check outcomes Loongsoon have posted, the efficiency must be on par with a Zen 3 Ryzen 5xxx or an eleventh Gen Intel Rocket Lake chip.  As with all self revealed outcomes, you’re going to need a little bit of salt on the facet.

If true that could be a pretty robust displaying and fairly a soar from the earlier 3A5000 silicon, which we haven’t seen within the wild for considerably apparent causes.  That consequence continues to be considerably behind Intel and AMD’s lately launched era and up to now there was little to no details about energy draw so it is going to be fascinating to see what these specs are when the 3A6000 is definitely launched.  

It’s prone to take some time for the main points to leak, but it surely appears a secure wager that they may ultimately.

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