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MycelioTronics Needs to Create PCBs From Fungi

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Australian firm MycelioTronics is attempting to unravel the electronics waste drawback by tackling it in a inventive, biomaterials method that replaces the same old layering parts in a PCB with fungal mycelium pores and skin. This mycelium pores and skin, extracted from the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum’s, has been proven to develop PCB-like qualities (akin to thermal resistance, flexibility, and insulation) whereas additionally permitting for a lot simpler decomposition and recycling processes resulting from its organic origin. 

The electronics trade has combined sustainability practices. That is very true in PCBs, which make use of uncommon minerals (akin to copper and gold), epoxy resins, and chemical parts so intricately linked, wired and sandwiched collectively that recycling efforts are extraordinarily troublesome. Recycling often results in using environmentally-damaging chemical compounds that enable for the separation of a few of its part supplies. 

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