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Nvidia Confirms It Makes use of Two Totally different 16-Pin Adaptor Producers: Report

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When the details about the melting and overheating points with the 12VHPWR energy adapters equipped with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 graphics playing cards emerged, the corporate remained surprisingly silent and solely stated that it had begun conducting an investigation. In the previous couple of days, the corporate grew to become extra open concerning the subject and revealed that it sources the adapters from two makers. 

Gabriele Gorla, Director of Engineering at Nvidia, instructed Igor’s Lab that Nvidia buys its 4-to-1 12VHPWR (4 eight pins to 1 12-pin) energy adapters from two corporations: Astron and NTK. Whereas each adapters are designed as much as the specs outlined by the PCI-SIG requirements physique, they’re nonetheless fairly a bit totally different ‘inside’ as they use barely totally different contacts. Astron apparently makes use of double-slot spring contacts, whereas NTK sticks to an extended single-slot spring contact that has decrease resistance and it’s simpler to detach.  

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