AMD EPYC Genoa, That’s Some Great Sausage

AMD EPYC Genoa, That is Some Nice Sausage

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To present you a quick overview on efficiency, we provide up a few examples.  In case you like compiling kernels, the EPYC 9654 can compile the Linux 4.4.2 kernel from over 100 occasions in an hour.  The c-ray check at 8K completes in 13 seconds, blowing away the competitors.  It additionally topped the Chess benchmark by a good quantity, nonetheless STH found throughout testing that the benchmark wants updating at it stopped scaling at a mere 256 threads.

This processing energy does come at a value, when measured on the wall a twin socket AMD EPYC 9654 system pulled between 1kW-1.2kW testing.  That isn’t considerably greater than earlier generations however price noting in case you are seeking to replace your server room.

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