Raspberry Pi Pico W Resistor Clock

How To Make a Raspberry Pi Pico W Resistor Clock

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Resistor shade codes are an important a part of maker schooling. The colour code system has been in steady use because the 1930’s and was launched by the Radio Producer’s Affiliation as a compact methodology for marking numerical values on small elements. The code incorporates solely 10 colours, however it might nonetheless be a problem to recollect their values until you utilize them each day. 

This undertaking helps you utilize the resistor code each day to inform the time, and makes use of a Raspberry Pi Pico W to hook up with an NTP (Community Time Protocol) server over Wi-Fi for the present time. As soon as that is performed, the Pico W makes use of the WS2812B Neopixel strip to show the present time as resistor code colours. By wanting on the code in motion each day, you’ll quickly be decoding resistor values sooner in your sleep!

For this undertaking you will have

Connecting the NeoPixel Strip

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