Core i9-13900K Uncovered In New Die Pictures

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Fritzchens Fritz (opens in new tab) has printed detailed die photographs of Intel’s Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake processor with 24 cores whole. The brand new CPU is noticeably greater than its Alder Lake predecessor, with 16 cores, which is just about expectable given the upper core depend of the most recent GPU and its bigger cache.

Intel’s newest top-of-the-range thirteenth Era Raptor Lake for desktops has a die measurement of 252.65 mm^2, up from 215.25 mm^2 within the case of Alder Lake CPU for desktops. As well as, the brand new Raptor Lake processor packs eight high-performance Raptor Cove cores and 16 energy-efficient Gracemont cores. In distinction, its predecessor solely has eight Golden Cove cores and eight Gracemont cores. Moreover, the brand new chip carries 32MB of L2 cache in whole and a 36MB L3 cache, whereas its ancestor options 14MB of L2 cache and a 30MB L3 cache.

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