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RTX 4090 From Newegg Arrived as Steel Blocks, Claims Buyer

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Getting short-changed is fairly annoying, however a Redditor claims he’s owed a substantial sum of cash within the wake of a element buy from Newegg. Attending to specifics, Nuclear Innards Beep writes that he acquired a few blocks of heavy metallic as an alternative of a shiny new Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

The Reddit thread complaining concerning the purported Newegg Switcheroo is filled with recommendation a couple of buyer’s subsequent steps. Victims of this sort of mail order swindle have numerous paths they will comply with to attempt to make good from the dispute; via direct contact with the retailer, taking the problem to their bank card service provider, or via the enterprise regulator/authorized methods, for instance.

Sadly for Nuclear Innards Beep, one of many first doorways a disgruntled buyer may strive for recompense is claimed to have been slammed shut. The Redditor says, “Newegg appears to have locked my account as an alternative of responding.”

(Picture credit score: Reddit: Nuclear Innards Beep)

In fact, a number of Reddit feedback appear to be fairly cynical about Nuclear Innards Beep’s claims. Some novice detectives have famous that the massive metallic objects, notably the sq., do not appear to have shredded the inside carton on its journey from Newegg to the client. Nevertheless, it’s exhausting to say how lengthy or tough that journey may need been. 

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