Grinding Off Ryzen 7000 IHS Seemingly Lowers Temps By 10 Levels Celsius

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AMD has already obtained a lot criticism for utilizing a singular design for the built-in warmth spreaders (IHS) of its Zen 4 processors. So now fanatics are looking for methods to enhance cooling. One of many hacks is to take away the IHS altogether, however a bit much less dangerous technique is to reportedly cut back the thickness of the warmth spreader by grinding it down.

JayzTwoCents (opens in new tab) (by way of Andreas Schilling (opens in new tab)) grinded off the warmth spreader of his Ryzen 9 7950X by 0.8mm and diminished the temperature of the processor from round 94 to 95 levels Celsius to roughly 85 to 88 levels Celsius on the similar 5.10 GHz all-core frequency, relying on the thermal paste used. Moreover, pushing all cores to five.40 GHz will increase its temperature to 90.65 levels Celsius. The easy modification requires a particular body from Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung, a grinding instrument, and a number of time and sweat, however the reward appears fairly promising. Sadly, it voids the processor’s guarantee.

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