Russian Baikal 48-Core CPU Die Pictures, Benchmarks Emerge

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Twitter consumer Fritzchens Fritz (opens in new tab) has managed to acquire a pattern of Baikal Electronics’ 48-core BE-S1000 server-grade system-on-chip (SoC) and throw it underneath an infrared microscope to disclose its internals. As well as, some benchmark outcomes of the SoC have surfaced.

Baikal Electronics has developed a number of system-on-chips for various units to interchange x86 processors from PCs and varied compute home equipment made in Russia. Nonetheless, the top of the corporate’s design prowess ought to have been its BE-S1000 server-grade SoC with 48 Arm Cortex-A75 cores, which the corporate managed to tape out and produce the primary pattern utilizing TSMC’s 16FFC fabrication expertise, however which is able to by no means be launched commercially as a consequence of sanctions towards Russia for its invasion in Ukraine.

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