Corsair Xeneon Flex OLED; A Display With The Bends

Corsair Xeneon Flex OLED; A Show With The Bends

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From Flat To An 800R Curvature

Have you ever ever wished an ultrawide display screen that’s flat while you want it to be, but curved while you would like it?  If that’s the case Corsair has an fascinating product for you, referred to as the Xeneon Flex OLED.  This 3440×1440 RGBW OLED 45″ panel has handles on the aspect which let you curve your show as you want, and lock it in place.  That versatile character is probably going the explanation the decision is somewhat low for a display screen of that measurement; although Kitguru had no complaints and Corsair assures prospects that so long as you might be a couple of metre away from the display screen it ought to look high quality.

It’s nonetheless a prototype, you received’t be selecting one up in the present day.  As soon as it does launch Kitguru is guessing it is going to be near $3000, although it may very well be much less.   It’s best to take a peek on the evaluate, no matter your want to personal a Xeneon Flex OLED, for it’s nifty to observe the display screen bend.

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