AMD’s New Model Numbers for 2023 and Later Mobile Processors

AMD’s New Mannequin Numbers for 2023 and Later Cell Processors

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Prepare for some memorization! The primary quantity represents the “Portfolio 12 months”, which for 2023 will probably be 7. This is sensible as Ryzen 7000 is subsequent up, and in 2024 we’ll presumably have Ryzen 8000 elements (Portfolio 12 months 8). The subsequent one appears extra arbitrary, because it refers to “Market Section”, which might in concept be a “5” for Ryzen 5, however on this case is a “6” for a Ryzen 5. However “9” is the best, which does make sense.

The third digit is the simplest to digest – and a very powerful: Structure. Merely put, “4” means Zen 4. (Be looking out for merchandise with a “2” right here.) There are a few extra bins to study, with “Function Isolation” representing a “plus” (i.e. Zen 3+) with a “5”, and a non-plus with a “0”, for … causes. After which in fact you will have the Intel-esque Kind Issue/TDP letter on the finish, which on this case is a “U”.

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