v-color Has Skywalker Plus DDR4 Too

v-color Has Skywalker Plus DDR4 Too

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64GB Of DDR4-4000MHz That Is Trying For Bother

It looks as if a little bit of a bet to name your RAM Skywalker Plus, as there’s a very litigious mouse that will consider it has a trademark on a part of that identify.  They may probably not yank it out of your system in the event that they do win a court docket case, so that you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from contemplating this DDR4-4000MHz package with timings of 18-22-22-42 at 1.4V.  These reminiscence modules are from Hynix, hidden beneath a heatspreader with a black circuit board-like sample.

The DIMMs are already near their restrict, The FPS Evaluation wanted to boost the voltage to 1.45V and loosen the timings as much as 20-24-24-46 as a way to hit 4200MHz.  As that overclock solely helped in artificial exams and never actual world efficiency, it’s most likely not well worth the combat.   The frequency makes it extra helpful in an Intel system, but when you will get your Ryzen’s cloth as much as 2000MHz then this package could possibly be enjoyable.  You’ll be able to seize the 64GB package of Skywalker Plus for $239.99 on the v-color web site.

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