Move Over, Electrons: Harvard Engineers Invent Sound-Wave Processing

Transfer Over, Electrons: Harvard Engineers Invent Sound-Wave Processing

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Again within the day, computer systems made noises. We don’t imply performed music or sound results, however made precise commotion from inside. It was principally the heads on the laborious drives shifting round, or the squealing of a modem, however it was comforting since you knew one thing was taking place. Right this moment, you’re fortunate should you hear a fan whirring.  However a paper within the journal Nature Electronics (opens in new tab) (summarized by Attention-grabbing Engineering (opens in new tab)) describes the usage of acoustic waves to hold out the identical sort of duties as electrons in pc processors. May PCs be about to sing once more?

(Picture credit score: Linbo Shao/Harvard SEAS)

The paper is the work of Linbo Shao, Di Zhu and a workforce at Harvard’s John A. Paulson College of Engineering and Utilized Sciences. It is titled Electrical Management of Floor Acoustic Waves and describes a sound-wave chip that operates relatively like a photonic processor. These unique circuits swap the excessive and low voltages utilized by transistors to create binary directions for modulated photons, utilizing gadgets generally known as waveguides to transmit knowledge.

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