Resistor Color Code Decoder: 10K, 220 Ohm, More

Resistor Colour Code Decoder: 10K, 220 Ohm, Extra

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The standard resistor is the bottom value element in our maker field, however additionally it is extremely helpful. Beforehand, we’ve proven find out how to use resistors in a venture, however the focus of this information is knowing the coloured bands which wrap across the heart of the resistor. These resistor colour codes inform us precisely what number of Ohms of present every unit handles.

How will we learn a resistor colour code? Why are some resistor colour codes 4 bands and others 5 bands? What resistor do I want for an LED? We reply all of those questions and provide the instruments to rapidly calculate the right resistor for all your initiatives.

Widespread Resistor Colour Codes and Their Makes use of

Resistor Sort 4-Band Colour Code 5-Band Colour Code Widespread Makes use of
100 Ohm Brown-Black-Brown-Gold Brown-Black-Black-Black-Gold LED Mild Safety
220 Ohm Crimson-Crimson-Brown-Gold Crimson-Crimson-Black-Black-Gold LED Mild Safety
330 Ohm Orange-Orange-Brown-Gold Orange-Orange-Black-Black-Gold LED Mild Safety
1K Ohm (1 Kiloohm) Brown-Black-Crimson-Gold Brown-Black-Black-Brown-Gold LED Safety, Voltage Divider
4.7K Ohm Yellow-Purple-Crimson-Gold Yellow-Purple-Black-Brown-Gold Pull-up/down resistor for I2C
10k Ohm Brown-Black-Orange-Gold Brown-Black-Black-Crimson-Gold Pull-up/down resistor
100K Ohm Brown-Black-Yellow-Gold Brown-Black-Black-Orange-Gold Bleed resistor for capacitor
1 Megaohm Brown-Black-Inexperienced-Gold Brown-Black-Black-Yellow-Gold Capacitive contact circuits

Resistor Colour Code: Fast Reference

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Studying Resistor Colour Codes Left to Proper

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