What Is 10-Bit (And 12-Bit) Color?

What Is 10-Bit (And 12-Bit) Shade?

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So, 10-bit coloration: It is necessary and new, however…what’s it? Earlier than we dive into that, the primary query is what’s bit depth, and why does it matter for shows?

What Is Bit Depth

In pc programming, variables are saved in numerous codecs with differing quantities of bits (i.e., ones and zeros), relying on what number of bits that variable wants. Usually, every bit you add permits you to depend as much as double the earlier quantity and retailer double the earlier quantity of knowledge. So if it is advisable depend as much as two (excluding zero), you want one bit. Two bits assist you to depend as much as 4, three bits as much as eight, and so forth.

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