China Builds Brain-Scale AI Model Using ExaFLOPS Supercomputer

China Builds Mind-Scale AI Mannequin Utilizing ExaFLOPS Supercomputer

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Chinese language scientists have constructed what they name ‘a brain-scale synthetic intelligence mannequin’ primarily based on considered one of its newest supercomputers that includes Sunway processors, studies SCMP. The students declare that the AI mannequin with 174 trillion parameters may very well be used for quite a lot of functions ranging from autonomous automobiles to scientific analysis. 

The system used is the Sunway OceanLight (generally referred to as OceanLite) is predicated on 96,000 nodes powered by Sunway’s hybrid SW39010 390-core processors that includes nearly 40 million cores in whole (with CPUs developed from the SW26010 processors). This machine was touted as one of many world’s first exascale supercomputers, however since then the declare about its FP64 efficiency has been largely debunked when it turned out that the scientists lowered precision of calculations the machine carried out whereas doing the work for the Gordon Bell trophy (which is usually referred to as a ‘Nobel Prize for supercomputing’). 

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