Kioxia Mulls 7-Bit-Per-Cell 3D NAND For Extreme-Capacity SSDs

Kioxia Mulls 7-Bit-Per-Cell 3D NAND For Excessive-Capability SSDs

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Producers of NAND flash reminiscence have all the time tried to extend the storage density of their reminiscence gadgets by growing the variety of bits saved per cell. Whereas essentially, that is probably the most difficult means of accelerating recording densities, additionally it is probably the most rewarding one from a value standpoint. Firms like Kioxia are continually experimenting with the variety of bits they’ll retailer in a single cell. This yr the corporate mentioned it had managed to retailer seven bits per cell (7 bpc), albeit within the lab and beneath low temperatures. 

To retailer a couple of bit, the NAND cell should maintain a number of distinct voltage ranges, which is difficult as NAND makers have to search out the acceptable supplies for these cells after which document and browse them with out errors. Furthermore, the variety of voltage states will increase exponentially with the variety of bits. For instance, to retailer 4 bits, the cell has to carry 16 voltage ranges (2^4), however with six bits, that quantity grows to 64 (2^6). Kioxia’s achievement of storing seven bits per cell requires holding 128 voltage states (2^7). Kioxia introduced the paper describing its achievement on the Worldwide Reminiscence Workshop 2022 (IMW 2022). 

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