All-AMD LUMI Becomes Europe's Most Powerful Supercomputer

All-AMD LUMI Turns into Europe’s Most Highly effective Supercomputer

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EuroHPC ‘s Joint Endeavor lately deployed Europe’s first pre-exascale supercomputer, LUMI, in Finland’s metropolis of Kajaani. The all-AMD construct ranks because the third quickest laptop in line with the Top500 rankings owing to its 550 Petaflops efficiency. It additionally claims the title of the world’s third-greenest supercomputer, because of the spectacular power effectivity of the Epyc CPUs and CDNA-based MI250X GPUs. In accordance with LUMI, reaching this efficiency with the world’s quickest laptops would require a 23 km-high pile of them – roughly 28 occasions as excessive because the world’s tallest constructing, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

LUMI was engineered to derive 100% of its power from renewable sources. It may be fed as much as 200 MW of power by means of hydropower, whereas the supercomputer’s waste warmth might be repurposed in the direction of the Kajaani district, whose atmospheric temperatures can attain -18 Cº in winter. It is a round power consumption topology and opens the doorways to actually environmentally-conscious, carbon-negative supercomputing.

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