Intel Raptor Lake Breaks Sweat in Preview Benchmarks

Intel Raptor Lake Breaks Sweat in Preview Benchmarks

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A set of benchmarks (opens in new tab) have appeared on-line for what seems to be Intel’s Thirteenth-generation Core structure, generally known as Raptor Lake. The outcomes, which seem like from a submission to the SiSoftware database, seem to point out the chip’s hybrid structure offers a Ryzen 9 5900X a run for its cash, although there isn’t any direct apples-to-apples comparability to be made between the chips chosen on account of differing core counts. Take the information extra as a sign of what to anticipate, relatively than strong truth till official benchmarks might be verified.

SiSoftware Benchmark {Hardware} Specs
Specs Intel Core i9-13900 8C+16c/32T (RPL) Intel Core i9-12900 8C+8c/24T (ADL) Intel Core i9-11900K 8C/16T (RKL) AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12C/24T (Zen3)
Structure Raptor Cove + Gracemont / RaptorLake Golden Cove + Gracemont / AlderLake Cypress Cove / RocketLake Zen3 / Vermeer
Cores / Threads 8C+16c / 32T 8C+8c / 24T 8C / 16T 2M / 12C / 24T
Rated Velocity (GHz) ? 2.4 massive / 1.8 LITTLE 3.5 3.7
All/Single Turbo Velocity (GHz) 3.7 massive / 2.76 LITTLE 5.0 massive / 3.8 LITTLE 4.8 – 5.3 4.5 – 4.8
Rated/Turbo Energy (W) 65 – 200 [=] 65 – 200 125 – 228 105 – 135
L1D / L1I Caches 8x 48kB/32kB + 16x 64kB/32kB 8x 48kB/32kB + 8x 64kB/32kB 8x 48kB 12-way / 8x 32kB 8-way 12x 32kB 8-way / 12x 32kB 8-way
L2 Caches 8x 2MB + 4x 4MB (32MB) [+2.3x] 8x 1.25MB + 2x 2MB (14MB) 8x 512kB 16-way (4MB) 12x 512kB 16-way (6MB)
L3 Cache(s) 36MB 16-way [+20%] 30MB 16-way 16MB 16-way 2x 32MB 16-way (64MB)
Microcode (Firmware) TBA 090672-1E 06A701-40 8F7100-1009
Particular Instruction Units VNNI/256, SHA, VAES/256 VNNI/256, SHA, VAES/256 AVX512, VNNI/512, SHA, VAES/512 AVX2/FMA, SHA
SIMD Width / Items 2 x 256-bit 2x 256-bit 512-bit (1x FMA) 2x 256-bit
Worth / RRP (USD) $549? $519 $539 $549

The benchmarks use the 5900X – a 12-core, 24-thread chip – alongside Intel’s eleventh and Twelfth-gen i9s, one an 8C/16T and the opposite a 16C(8+8)/24T hybrid design. The Raptor Lake contestant has extra of the effectivity cores than the Twelfth-gen CPU, boasting eight energy and 16 effectivity cores, for 32 threads general and certain the identical chip that leaked (opens in new tab) earlier this yr.. 

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