The First Frontier for Quantum: Data Center Accelerators

The First Frontier for Quantum: Information Middle Accelerators

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Whilst quantum computing develops at an more and more quick tempo, the expertise remains to be removed from attaining mainstream distribution. There are a number of causes for that – physics and engineering complexity, value, and the comparatively nascent implementations being a few of them. There are computing environments which have carried the torch for the complexity of the so-called classical programs: Excessive-Efficiency Computing (HPC), the area of the datacenters and supercomputers of the world. There too, it appears, lies the primary frontier for quantum.

Pawsey’s Supercomputing Analysis Centre in Australia has claimed the world’s first set up of a Quantum Computing Processor (QPU) in an HPC-first surroundings. Based mostly on Quantum Brilliance’s diamond-based qubits, the partnership has been strategized to supercharge the pairing of quantum and classical programs by a hybrid analysis surroundings. The combination was facilitated by the truth that Quantum Brilliance’s QPU can function at room temperature – one thing that different qubit varieties, equivalent to IBM’s personal superconducting transmon qubits, cannot.

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