NASA’s Ingenuity Keeps Martian Rover Flying Long Past Their Expected Perseverance

NASA’s Ingenuity Retains Martian Rover Flying Lengthy Previous Their Anticipated Perseverance

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The Closest You’ll Get To A Martian Flight Sim For Now

The bandwidth between Mars and Earth sucks, various from 500Kb/s as much as nearly 3Mb/s relying on their relative positions.  The add to orbit from the Ingenuity Martian rover to orbit is just not significantly better, hitting 2Mb/s on an excellent day.  That hasn’t stopped it from sending again an nearly three minute lengthy video of Ingenuity’s helicopter hovering the skies of Mars, which NASA has shared to Earth.

The existence of the video is as spectacular because it’s contents as this was it’s twenty fifth flight; the expectation was for 5 flights earlier than the Martian helicopter failed and up to now it has hit 28.  NASA is hoping for a twenty ninth within the close to future, having overcome a reasonably troublesome technical downside.  It is likely to be fairly simple to connect with an NTP Time Service right here on Earth to repair your BIOS clock after the battery died; not a lot when it occurs on Mars.  On Could third Perseverance misplaced it’s connection to Ingenuity, after a mud storm coated the photo voltaic panels on the rover and the battery drained past it’s means to maintain the clock going.

As a rover must know when the day ends so it might go into hibernation to maintain these batteries alive, and to fireplace up the warmers to maintain them from freezing, having the fallacious time is extra than simply an inconvenience.  NASA did handle to kind out the FPGA; one thing to consider the following time you might be offering distant technical help.

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