AMD Mendocino APU's Leaked Slide Alleges Just Two CUs

AMD Mendocino APU’s Leaked Slide Alleges Simply Two CUs

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AMD’s Mendocino APU, launched at Computex with simply the briefest of technical particulars, does not appear to be as thrilling as many had hoped. One of many main omissions of the Mendocino Computex briefing was any discuss in regards to the variety of RDNA 2 graphics compute items (CUs) it will come packing. Now a leaked slide by way of Olrak appears to point that the perfect Mendocino APU system consumers can hope for is 2 CUs, which suggests 128 stream processors (SPs). As it is a leak, take the information with a pinch of salt.

Placing the above CU and SP counts into perspective, the Steam Deck Aerith APU has eight CUs (512 SPs). In the meantime, the Radeon 680M, Rembrandt’s highest-end iGPU, comes with 12 CUs (768 CUs) – matching the Radeon RX 6400 desktop graphics card on this respect.

Official AMD slide with confirmed specs for Mendocino (Picture credit score: AMD)

Earlier than happening to speak in regards to the purported AMD Mendocino APU specs slide, allow us to first recap the confirmed specs of this inexpensive cellular type issue concentrating on processor. Most of what we all know is embodied within the Lenovo Ideapad 1 laptop computer slide you possibly can see above; Mendocino is constructed on the TSMC 6nm course of, and at finest encompasses a 4C/8T Zen 2 structure CPU, with an RDNA 2 structure GPU. It’s claimed to be extremely energy environment friendly enabling skinny, mild and accessibly priced portables to supply over 10 hours of blended use on the go.

AMD Mendocino

Leaked Mendocino slide – add salt (Picture credit score: Olrak)

The leaked slide above alleges that Mendocino’s GPU is way weaker than it had been hoped. We have examine fans anticipating the Mendocino APU launch to allow them to take pleasure in some Steam Deck model motion in an inexpensive transportable laptop computer which might even be good for workplace duties, shopping, faculty work and so forth. This slide asserts that Mendocino has a GPU with 1 / 4 the variety of CUs out there because the Steam Deck, and is mainly a naked minimal GPU.

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