Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Pocket-Sized Cyberdeck Programs Pico Projects

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Pocket-Sized Cyberdeck Applications Pico Initiatives

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It’s no secret that we love Raspberry Pi tasks right here at Tom’s {Hardware}. That’s why we’re excited to share this moveable pocket-sized Pi Zero 2 W cyberdeck from maker Chris Remboldt designed for creating much more enjoyable Pi tasks. In keeping with Remboldt, the thought was to make one thing straightforward to take with him for Python coding follow that might additionally enable him to attach and tinker with the Raspberry Pi Pico.

By itself, he can use the hand held cyberdeck to create and run Python scripts. However because of its USB hub, Remboldt can join exterior peripherals like a Raspberry Pi Pico or some other RP2040 board for prototyping tasks whereas out and about or a minimum of away from an influence outlet.

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