Raspberry Pi HAL 9000 Voice Assistant Uses Pi Zero 2 W

Raspberry Pi HAL 9000 Voice Assistant Makes use of Pi Zero 2 W

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Voice assistants must be useful, absolutely that’s why maker Jürgen Pabel determined to design his Raspberry Pi-powered voice help after the ominous villain HAL 9000 from 2001 A Area Odyssey. Not solely does this voice assistant look the half, it capabilities as an actual voice assistant with the assistance of open-source software Kalliope.

This HAL 9000 voice assistant seems to be identical to the unique design with a customized 3D printed housing and a spherical TFT show used to make the glowing pink eye. It listens for voice instructions and connects to the web to finish duties simply as a daily voice assistant would — however with a spooky HAL 9000-themed design.

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