128-Core Ampere Altra Max CPU Meets Nvidia's A100 GPU in Gigabyte's HPC Server

128-Core Ampere Altra Max CPU Meets Nvidia’s A100 GPU in Gigabyte’s HPC Server

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Ampere formally positions its Altra processors primarily for cloud workloads, however Gigabyte determined that these elements with as much as 128 cores are ok for compute GPU-based servers for synthetic intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) purposes. This week the corporate formally rolled-out its G492-PD0 server that mixes an Arm-based CPU and a heavy-duty compute GPU. 

Gigabyte’s G492-PD0 server comes with one Ampere Altra Max (128 Arm v8.2 cores) or Altra (80 Arm v8.2 cores) processor in addition to as much as eight Nvidia A100 80GB SXM4 compute GPUs interconnected between themselves utilizing Nvidia’s NVLink bus at 600GB/s. The system will be geared up with as much as 4TB of DDR4-3200 reminiscence utilizing 16 modules, 4 M.2 solid-state drives, six U.2 SSDs, and ten low-profile PCIe growth playing cards. The entire machine is powered by three 3000W 80+ Platinum energy provides (+ one further PSU for redundancy).

Gigabyte’s 4U machine totally leverages Nvidia’s HGX platform, so it totally leverages not solely NVLink with NVSwitches for GPUs, but in addition the inexperienced firm’s GPUDirect RDMA for direct information trade between GPUs and third-party gadgets like SSDs and community playing cards.

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Beforehand, Gigabyte provided Nvidia A100 GPU-based servers with as much as two 64-core AMD EPYC 7003 or 40-core Intel Xeon Scalable ‘Ice Lake’ processors. These machines are usually costly provided that each AMD and Intel cost loads for his or her flagship choices for servers which are in excessive demand. With a system based mostly on Ampere’s Altra/Altra Max, Gigabyte can supply considerably decrease pricing. In the meantime, Gigabyte’s G492-PD0 server has fewer PCIe lanes and doubtlessly decrease efficiency in some workloads, however organizations that purchase GPU servers are likely to do analysis earlier than shopping for new machines to make sure they meet their wants.

(Picture credit score: Gigabyte)

There may be another excuse why Gigabyte wants this server: Gigabyte and customers of its AI and HPC servers want is to realize expertise with Arm-based CPUs in context of GPU-powered HPC purposes earlier than Nvidia launches its platforms powered by its Grace CPU and H100 compute GPU subsequent 12 months. Utilization of Ampere Altra and Altra Max CPUs with as much as 128 cores makes a number of sense for Gigabyte because the machines are Arm-based and have a number of cores.  

(Picture credit score: Gigabyte)

It’s noteworthy that Ampere’s Altra/Altra Max-based platforms on the whole and Gigabyte’s G492-PD0 machine specifically have been licensed by Arm for its SystemReady program for straightforward deployment of Arm-based servers. The Arm SystemReady program provides an official set of platform definitions that cowl machines that vary from IoT and edge servers all the way in which to cloud machines.

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