What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Basic Definition

What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Fundamental Definition

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DRAM stands for dynamic random entry reminiscence and is a kind of semiconductor reminiscence seen in RAM and GPUs (aka graphics playing cards).

DRAM reminiscence works by storing bits of knowledge in a capacitor inside an built-in circuit. It requires periodic refreshing (in contrast to SRAM) to maintain information as a result of its capacitors slowly launch power. DRAM is cheaper than SRAM and may retailer extra information. Nevertheless, DRAM-based elements take longer to entry information than SRAM-based ones and use extra energy.

DRAM in RAM Kits

SDRAM aka SDR SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM aka single information fee synchronous dynamic RAM) – A extra superior sort of DRAM. SDRAM doesn’t react to information enter till a CPU clock tells it to; it’s constructed to work in tandem with the CPU at its optimized clock pace. As such, SDRAM can carry out extra duties concurrently than a plain (asynchronous) DRAM.

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