How To Check Disk Usage in Linux

How To Test Disk Utilization in Linux

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Regardless of how high-capacity your storage drive is, you all the time have to see how  a lot area you’ve gotten used and what information are utilizing it. Whereas there are methods to do that from the GUI in Linux, as all the time, you get extra element by utilizing the terminal command line.Terminal instruments are particularly helpful for customers who’re monitoring distant methods, for instance busy system directors connecting over a safe shell connection. On this tutorial, we’ll have a look at numerous methods of utilizing the terminal to test disk utilization enabling us to see what space for storing is left on our system irrespective of the place we could also be.

All of the instructions on this how-to will work on most Linux machines. We’ve used a Ubuntu 20.04 set up however you could possibly run this how-to on a Raspberry Pi. The entire how-to is carried out by way of the Terminal. You possibly can open a terminal window on most Linux machines by urgent ctrl, alt and t.

Utilizing df to Test Disk Utilization in Linux

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A easy method to test all disk utilization on a system is to easily problem the df command from the house listing in a terminal window.

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