Raspberry Pi Pico and Zero Team Up to Drive 70 FPS LED Matrix

Raspberry Pi Pico and Zero Group As much as Drive 70 FPS LED Matrix

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There’s nothing fairly as illuminating as controlling a matrix panel with a Raspberry Pi. It’s like having your individual private marquee for displaying no matter you need from messages and notifications to movies and even video games. However what actually drives a great Pi undertaking house is high-quality efficiency like this RP2040-powered matrix undertaking developed by DeVayu that makes use of a Pico to drive a 64 x 32 matrix panel at over 70 FPS.

driving_a_ledmatrix_at_70fps_over_wifi_using_a from r/raspberry_pi

Within the undertaking thread, DeVayu explains that that is the fourth iteration of his matrix undertaking endeavors. The preliminary undertaking started about 5 months in the past and likewise featured a Pico as the primary controller however the FPS output was nowhere close to as excessive because it’s reaching within the present improvement. What started as an output of 28 FPS has since greater than doubled.

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