TSMC's Arizona Fab Hiring Woes Prompt Calls for Willing Taiwanese Migrants

TSMC’s Arizona Fab Hiring Woes Prompt Calls for Willing Taiwanese Migrants

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Taiwan’s Liberty Times revealed today that TSMC has considerably relaxed requirements for Taiwanese residents interested in pursuing a career in the company’s stateside operations. In a headline, it jokes that those with just a high school diploma can snag a TSMC factory technician job in Arizona. No particular experience is outlined as a requirement, according to the report. However, applicants must have an 800+ score in TOEIC English proficiency tests.

Arizona Fab 21 jobs that TSMC is trying to fill with inexperienced homegrown personnel include various technician roles operating machinery, inspecting products, and doing prescribed maintenance. Successful Taiwanese applicants will finish a work placement on the island and finish this year before being dispatched to Arizona for at least two years. The TSMC factory work schedule is a mix of nights, days, 2-on and 2-off, 4-on and 3-off, and similar patterns. Accommodation, travel subsidies and so on will be provided.

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Readers might be wondering why TSMC isn’t hiring for these lower-end technical positions in the US, as the requirements are so low. After pondering over some of its job ads aimed at US residents, it becomes apparent that the company’s requirement of a six to 12-month training period in Taiwan would not appeal to many people. However, some jobs with more strenuous requirements, like an engineering degree, still ask successful applicants to travel to Taiwan for extended training periods.

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