Tape Storage Shipments Increase 40% in 2021

Tape Storage Shipments Increase 40% in 2021

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As the market’s thirst for storage increases on the back of massive amounts of data production, tape as a storage medium is still chugging along. Far from being abandoned, shipments for tape-based storage media soared 40% in 2021, achieving an impressive 148 Exabytes (155 million TB) of total storage space sent to clients, according to tape providers like IBM, HPE and Quantum.. At the same time, unit shipments have decreased on the back of increased per-tape densities, which can now achieve a whopping 54 TB per cartridge thanks to the backwards-compatible LTO-9 technology.

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Total shipped capacity in tape storage (Exabyte) (Image credit: LTO Ultrium)
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Shipments for tape storage

Total unit shipments for tape storage media. (Image credit: LTO Ultrium)

“Despite the significant business disruptions and uncertainty in 2021, LTO tape capacity shipments achieved the largest increase since 2006, surpassing the previous record set in 2019,” said Patrick Osborne, general manager and vice president at HPE storage. “We’re continuing to see organizations return to tape technology, seeking out storage solutions that offer high capacity, reliability, long term data archiving and stronger data protection measures, especially as threats to cybersecurity soar.”

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