Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus And DUEX Max Portable Monitors

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus And DUEX Max Portable Monitors

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Two Different Monitor Extensions To Add To Your Laptop

Mobile Pixels provide display extensions, which you attach to the back of the display on your laptop and slide out when in use to extend your screen real estate, at the cost of extra weight.  They attach with magnets, allowing you to remove the display if you so desire and connect via USB-C, both models have one Thunderbolt and one which is not.  The USB connection handles both power and display so you only need the one cable; the second port can be used as a pass through while the other is in use.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Max weighs 1.7lbs and provides a 14.1″ extension to your laptop while the DUEX Plus is slightly smaller, at 13.3″ and 1.3lbs.  The two models are both 1080p displays with rotation detection, and thanks to the magnets you can switch the display to portrait easily.  It also lets you flip the screen so that someone sitting in front of you can see it, if you have a use for that.

They both do come with a premium price, the DUEX Max will run you $350 while the DUEX Plus costs $300, above average for this type of product.  On the other hand it offers features that the ~$200 models do not, so for some that price may well be worth it.

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